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April 2010

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A Classic Investing Strategy for the Changing Times

Business, Money

Investing for dividends has always been a tactic to produce stable monthly income for retirement.  However the investment climate changed in the 1990s when stock prices soared to unprecedented highs.  Even some of the most cautious investors jumped on the…

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Strengthen your CORE!

Business, Management

A new year for many people marks returning to the commitment of exercise routines and the filling up of fitness centers with plenty of good intentions.  After my knee surgery two years ago, I discovered my jogging regimen would not…

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Thinking Critically

Business, Development

Critical thinking is a term we hear a lot, but don’t often hear much discussion of what is meant by “thinking critically.”  Being able to define or describe critical thinking is not the same as being a critical thinker.  Knowing…

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What Does the “New Normal” Sound Like?

Business, Management

According to Stuart Mackintosh, executive director of The Group of Thirty (or “G30,” an international body of leading financiers and academics which aims to deepen understanding of economic and financial issues), “After the great recession many old economic truths are…

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It’s Not the Challenge, But the Response

Business, Development

Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something because of your gender?  That you couldn’t be involved in something because of your physical characteristics?  That your career was limited because you decided to have children? Fortunately, I have been…

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Applying Peter Drucker’s Management Principles

Business, Management

How Network Marketing Succeeds Using His Concepts The fact is truths are truths regardless of where you find them.  Business leaders have listened to legendary management guru, Peter Drucker, for decades.  But to suggest that network marketing is an effective…