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January 2011

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The Hunt for Capital

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Understanding the Risk Curve by G. Briggs Kilborne For centuries, civilizations and investors have taken on great financial risk in the hope of great reward.  Wars have been waged to expand empires, and costly expeditions organized in the quest for…

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Don’t Just Change . . . Revitalize!

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6 Steps to a Successful Transformation by Ed Harkins Almost daily, individuals, groups, or organizations declare a fundamental need for change.   Whatever this change is prompted by, the underlying theme remains constant: modify outlooks, alter habits, and amend processes to…

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Choosing Tugs, Over Shoves

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Stop De-Motivating Employees and Start Motivating Them Employees at all levels are worn out trying to cope with the stress as layoffs are rumored or they struggle to keep up with their ever-increasing workloads if they survive a cutback.  Now,…

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Features: Titusville: This Isn’t the Final Chapter 2011 Outlook: Brevard Board of County Commissioners For Some, It Will Be a Happy New Year Buy Brevard Disney Dream, the New Addition to their Fleet Best Practices: Economic Development: More than Just…

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2011: The Costs are Lower to Hire

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Now is the Time to Seize Opportunity Whether in our business or personal lives, many of us are looking toward the New Year with hope, and, understandably, a bit of trepidation.  This is the year we’ll see the last of…

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More than Just NASA

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Everyone is a Space Coast Ambassador by Kevin Gholston In the early 1960’s, the Space Race officially began and Cape Canaveral experienced rapid growth. This new industry had national impact and, coupled with Patrick Air Force Base, attracted numerous defense…

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Is Someone Infringing on Your Brand?

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Step Up to Protect Your Intellectual Property A downturn in the economy has resulted in a significant rise in the development of new technologies and new business models. Many of these new technologies and business models are born of creative…