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February 2011

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Mergers and Acquisitions

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Relational Advice from Peter Drucker At SCB’s recent “Business Leaders of the Year” event, I marveled at how many of the honorees were quick to acknowledge their spouses as the key source of support and encouragement in their achievements. Though…

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Organizational Lifecycles

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Knowing Where You Are and Where You Are Going Evaluation and methods to address both your current and next organizational lifecycle are an important part of any community based organization (CBO) nonprofit leadership, either from the CSE (Chief Staff Executive)…

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Retirement Income

Business, Money

Making Sure It Lasts a Lifetime Have you saved enough for your retirement? What is your magic number and how do you know? The whole point for retirement savings is for those savings to provide income when you are no…

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Business and Marriage

Business, Management

Can the Two Work Together? by Maureen Fasanella As if a marital relationship isn’t enough of a challenge, why in the world would a couple choose to work together? It is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint…

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Partnership Tips from Apollo 9

Business, Leadership

Charlie Mars, left, and Bob Sieck, right, are welcomed at Steve’s Family Diner in Titusville by waitress April Shortt. The Business Lessons of Spider and Gumdrop In February 1969, Apollo 9 huddled in the embrace of that bright new orange…

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Table of Contents


Features: Family Matters: Titusville’s HME Providers on Quest to Become a ‘Fortune 500’ Company Going Into Business with Relatives: Family Feud or Happily Ever After? A Showcase Relationship: Peter and Kateri Genna Make Business, Marriage Sparkle They Who Play (and…

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The Bridge We Must Build

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What the New Generational Gap Means to our Future We’ve all heard the cliché, “Can’t live with them; can’t live without them.” Unless you’re from Mars, the “them” is people. We all are involved with people and ultimately, we’re all…

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Better Models, Better Outcomes

Business, Development

Revamping Workforce’s Center in Rockledge This month, Brevard Workforce debuts our flagship center in Rockledge, representing an operational redesign that is dramatically improving service to businesses, jobseekers and the overall efficiency of workforce practices in Brevard. This business process redesign…