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August 2012

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The Story Behind Hope for a Single Mom


Brevard County Residents have joined forces with Sisters Donna Sullivan and Denise More to help local single mothers fight their battle with Breast Cancer.  Our Story: Hope for a Single Mom began 2 years ago when Denise More was diagnosed with…

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Time is More Than Money


Like many young professionals, Karen and her husband Don moved to the area based on a decision that centered on family. In this case, it was so her husband could assist his family in the operation of their business, Coleman Glass…

Absolutely Natural - SpaceCoast Business Magazine
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Saving Our Sea Turtles


Absolutely Natural products protect more than your skin With a name like Absolutely Natural you’d expect a company committed to nature’s preservation and awareness – and you’d be correct. Melbourne-based Absolutely Natural pioneered the original 100 percent natural, chemical-free suncare…

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The Basics of Borrowing


How Small Businesses Can Get the Loans They Need Throughout Florida, small businesses account for a big part of our economy. But in recent years, the creation and expansion of businesses have been hindered by a lack of readily available…

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Should You Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?


Retirement Plans Need to Factor in Future Healthcare Costs That is a question that is not so easy to answer. Everyone has different circumstances and situations to consider when it comes to long-term care. Many of us believe that we…

You Don't Create an Edge by Eric Wright
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Caught In the Current


Wisdom Isn’t Always Knowing Why At times, circumstances strike you like an earthquake, followed by a tsunami. It can be an illness, a job loss, a market reversal, or a divorce. These anomalies respect neither age, nor intelligence or position….

The Entrepreneur's Spiritual Journey by Jeff Piersall
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Discovering the Universal Laws


Keys to Charting Your Destiny ‘‘The achievement of impossible goals is possible as long as the goals and the methods of reaching them do not violate Universal Laws, the Laws of God and the rights of your fellow man.” –…

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A Role Model at Any Age


Why YPs Make the Best Mentors  It makes sense to think that those brought up in the era of punch cards, might not be the best mentors for teenagers who grew up learning on laptops and who never parted from…

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Better Brain, Better Job?


Brain Training Can Help You Get an Edge – and a Raise – at Work In an age of mass layoffs, thousands of people applying for two job openings, and perky 20-somethings competing for positions with Boomers, you need an…