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June 2013

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Villa Marine


The Villa Marine Hotel was erected in 1912 by W.I. Sweet. Its construction provided a sorely needed boost for Melbourne Beach as a vacation resort.Other resorts north and south of the Villa Marine were, by this time, far surpassing this community in growth, prosperity and…

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Superior Talent Resources, INC.


FOUNDED:1957 EXECUTIVE:Bart Stanley, vice president, southeast region FOCUS: Contingent labor staffing services, payroll services, direct placement services, executive search services, and  recruitment process outsourcing WEBSITES: , DESCRIPTION: Superior Talent Resources, Inc. (formerly SuperiorTechnical Resources) is a division of Superior Group, which also includes Superior Workforce Solutions, Inc., Superior…

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A Master-Planned Community

Profiles, Real Estate

An Engine for Economic Impact In your car, on a bike, or just walking the dog, each day begins and ends along the winding road from the home and the neighborhood where you start your day. In Viera, this simple image…

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Using All the Tools in the Box


Understanding How You’re Wired to Think Ever heard the cliché: “To a hammer, every problem is a nail”? The author was identifying something that Daniel Kahneman, Noble Prize winner in economics, also saw.By integrating his research in psychology with economic…

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Getting Your Fair Share of Government Contracts?


Increase Your Chances by Knowing the Rules and Making the Right Connections It’s common knowledge that professionals doing business with the government face a unique set of challenges and complexities.Between successfully navigating the procurement system and maintaining compliance with continuously changing…

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The Potential of Emerging Markets


THE RISK & REWARDS OF AN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Emerging markets are as old as civilization. As hard as it may be to imagine, the American colonies were once an emerging market leveraged by the then more developed economies of Europe. Blessed…

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SEO or PPC . . .

Business Technology, Development

That is the Question What is better, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)? And where should you focus your time, energy and resources? Every business needs to get the most out of its efforts and marketing budget but…

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The Five Fundamentals of Success


How to Get You Where You Want to Go There are thousands of books and hundreds of motivational speakers that can describe a formula for success. When you whittle them all down to the basics, these five just seem to…

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One on One | Drew Rector of Health First

One on One, Profiles

Health First Chief Strategy & Growth Officer   Health First operates four area hospitals, four Pro-Health & Fitness Centers and, with the recent acquisition of MIMA (Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates), it is a major supplier of pre-acute medical services. Did…