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September 2013

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When and How You Should File for Bankruptcy


Are you thinking to file for bankruptcy? If yes, then you need to know about all the alternatives that are available for you. There are several benefits to file bankruptcy for many people where as for the others, this may…

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Contents — October 2013


FEATURES Finding the Right Needle in the Right Haystack Central Florida’s Expanding Simulation Engineering the Future Medicare: Making it Work Better The Right Tools for Talking BUSINESS PROFILE Lance Littlejohn BEST PRACTICES Innovation Maximizing Human Technology [Don Johnston] Economic Development …

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How to Unleash Your Team’s Creative Spirit


Maximizing Human Technology Innovate or fall behind.” Whether we are creating new technologies or just incorporating them into our operations, we are continually innovating because our customers (and competitors) demand it of us. No longer is innovation solely the purview…

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Lance Littlejohn


 TITLE: President COMPANY: Pipeline Video Solutions  YEARS IN BREVARD: 46 YEARS AT COMPANY: Started in December 2012. Prior to that, 10 years as president of Pipeline Network Solutions, LLC WEBSITE: After selling his telecommunications company in 2012, Lance Littlejohn…