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February 2014

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Breaking Down the Startup Barriers


LaunchPad40 Accelerates New Business Countdown For anyone who understands the drive and motivating factors that once spurred our community to pull together and explore our galaxy, the potential for technically talented individuals to re-invent themselves as business owners should come…

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Health Care is All About “Improving Quality of Life”


New Health First Health Plans CEO Ready to Serve Recognized within the health care insurance community as a skilled strategist with exceptional business acumen, Ed Griese is using his expertise and unique perspective to improve quality of life for every…

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Protecting the Value of Your Creativity


When it comes to protecting intellectual property, consider a slight twist of phrase on a popular old AAmco commercial: “You can pay a lawyer now, or pay him and someone else a lot more later.” This could be considered to…

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ACi Architects


Creating Added Value through Sense of Place Human beings have an intuitive and universal attraction to the synergy of design and function, much like our attraction to the blending of music and lyrics, which creates a memorable song.  We are…

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Software Developer Turned Serial Entrepreneur


Jonathan Taylor Eyes New Technologies for Investment Software developer Jonathan Taylor believes Central Florida’s shortage of angel investors might be ending. When Taylor sold his highly successful software company, Voxeo, in July, he ended up with $150 million that he…

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Innovation and Incentives


VMG Takes Hands-On Approach to Turnarounds Most venture firms aim to create significant financial returns for their investment partners, within a relatively short period of time, by providing capital to start or to scale their business. H.W. “Skip” Hauser crafted…

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Funding + Acceleration


venVelo Helps Startups Go the Distance It is a common cliché that “their name says it all,”  but in the case of Winter Park-based venVelo, the cliché couldn’t be truer. Venture and velocity are the key components in their strategy…

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Success … What a RUSH!


RUSH Construction Celebrates 30 Years RUSH Construction, Inc. specializes in taking on the kinds of projects their competitors won’t touch. But what really sets the company apart from the rest is a reputation it has been building for 30 years. Not only…

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Diana Figueroa

Legal Professionals, Profiles

Diana Figueroa, Esquire was born and raised in South Florida. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 1981 from Florida State University and her Juris Doctorate degree in 1985 from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, California. Diana began working…

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Laurel A. Nugent

Legal Professionals, Profiles

Laurel Nugent has a practice focusing on business law and corporate transactions. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Eckerd College, a Juris Doctor from Vermont Law School, and both a Masters I and a Masters II in business law…