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December 2014

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Filling the Gap

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Hidden Potentials Starts CONNECT Program There’s a new alternative coming for middle and high school students in Brevard County to fill the after-school gap between the last bell and dinnertime. When that time rolls around, students are left with few…

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Q&A with Ahmed Reza


TrepHub is a startup in it’s own right, so every day is interesting. It can be as calm as helping a few startups out, connecting some people and I’m out by 8 p.m

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MBV Engineering, Inc.


EXECUTIVE NAMES AND TITLES: Bruce A. Moia, P.E., President; Rodolfo A. Villamizar, P.E., S.I., Vice President; Aaron J. Bowles, P.E., Vice President; FOUNDED: 1983 LOCATION: Melbourne, Vero Beach and Fort Pierce WEBSITE: DESCRIPTION: MBV Engineering, Inc. started as a…

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House of Lights


EXECUTIVE NAMES AND TITLES: Craig Bronson, Vice President of Business Development and IT (pictured); Phil Bronson, President and CEO; Jocelyn Bronson, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations FOUNDED: 1963 LOCATION: Melbourne WEBSITE: DESCRIPTION: Melbourne-based House of Lights has…

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Celebrating Our Community Fabric

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Innovation & Manufacturing Leaders Drive Recognition Program Innovative individuals and organizations drive the economy. As a community, when you can boast the highest number of engineers per capita in the country, you are bound to be surrounded by some of…

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Connecting With Clients and the Community

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Connors Wealth Management Bringing Value to Brevard Many high school students in New England dream of attending a college where the campus is bathed in sunshine, shaded by palm trees and students walk to class in shorts and sandals, instead…

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Reaching New Heights


Space Coast Economy Launches Again Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast President and CEO Lynda Weatherman listened patiently as the two consultants intently discussed the physics and engineering challenges of a manned deep space vehicle. Admiring their breadth of…

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What’s the Real Target?


Keeping a Personal Face on Economic Development By Eric Wright Like many of our English words, “economy” comes from a Greek root oikonomí, meaning simply, “household management.” This definition reinforces a vital point when we ponder all the facets of economic…

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Employees and Inventorship


Getting it Right Inventorship in a patent application is a typically tertiary concern that receives little attention in the drafting process and can seem unimportant to the uninitiated. However, the consequences of making an error with regard to inventorship can…

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The 10 Rules of Acquisition Integration


A Guide for Implementing an Effective Business Integration Plan The most important step of all acquisitions, which is often given the least amount of attention,   is integration. Integration is the process of combining two or more organizations, each with…