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March 2015

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FL TREP Contents – Spring 2015


To view the full digital version of the Spring 2015 issue of FL TREP, click here. FEATURES Entrepreneurial Dream Makers: Eunice Choi & FSBDC at UCF Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovators: UCF’s Dr. Cameron Ford Making an Impact: Florida TaxWatch Takes a Look at GrowFL    …

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Three Steps to Better Time Management


Managing Your Most Valuable Commodity Everyone knows that time management is about the amount of order and control you want in your life at home and in business. So, why is it so difficult? It’s difficult because life is happening all…

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How to Protect Your Business’ Intellectual Assets

Business, Management

Establishing a Security Policy Managing a company’s tangible assets (such as cash, property, and product inventory) is a traditional business responsibility that rightfully receives a lot of attention from business leaders. Unfortunately, managing the company’s intellectual assets (such as trade secrets,…

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How to Keep Family the Main Thing

Business, Leadership

Passing on a Legacy Running a family business can be very time-consuming for parents with kids. The best choice any parent can make is to simply be there for his or her children. It doesn’t matter how busy you are…

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Mears Transportation: Past, Present & Future


Connecting People & Destinations Like the foundation of a building, the vision and values that a business is built on determines how large it can become and how long it will last. The entrepreneurial legacy that Paul Mears Sr. began…

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Julie Moore – FIT


TITLE: Assistant Professor of Aviation Science UNDERGRADUATE: United States Air Force Academy, Human Factors GRADUATE: M.S. – Green Mountain College, Environmental Studies OTHER: Squadron Officer School at Maxwell Air Force Base, Undergraduate Pilot Training at Columbus Air Force Base YEARS AT FIT: 2 It was…

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Florida TaxWatch Takes a Look at GrowFL


Recently, the independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit, public policy research institute, Florida TaxWatch, released a report that shows that GrowFL’s impact statewide over the next 10 years would help produce 25,000 jobs, diversify the state economy and provide a positive return on…

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O’Dang Hummus


The “Ben & Jerry’s” of Hummus Entrepreneurs are usually born out of a spark of inspiration and motivation that sets someone on a no-return adventure of turning a clever idea into a profitable company. For Jesse Wolfe, a 27-year-old student…