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August 2015

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Viera Children’s Academy Expands


After moving to Florida from New York, nine years ago, where they owned two children’s centers, Devon and Florence Hunter opened the Viera Children’s Academy on Viera Boulevard.

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BMW of Melbourne Delivers the Experience


Melbourne BMW General Manager Tom Mitas is not only a BMW enthusiast, he is a veteran. Starting with the company in his early 20s, he has seen BMW evolve from primarily a motorcycle importer to its status today.

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Carol Craig


How Does She Do It All? Google “‘Carol Craig’ AND ‘Craig Technologies’” and about 3,700 results appear, so needless to say this self-described “accidental entrepreneur” has garnered a lot of attention over the past decade.

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Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service


A true family business, Gatto’s Tire & Auto Service was started by Mike Gatto and is now run by his daughter Pam, along with her sons Mike McHenry, Scott McHenry and son-in-law Mike Nevin.

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Timothy Stockton


After graduating from UCF with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Timothy Stockton was introduced to the world of “Safety-Critical” engineering.