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July 2017

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Business Seen | Boy Scouts Golden Eagle Dinner


BOY SCOUTS GOLDEN EAGLE DINNER Each year the Boy Scout’s Golden Eagle Dinner celebrates one of the area’s leading business and civic leaders. This year was no exception with the recognition of entrepreneur and philanthropist Mike Shah, the founder of…

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July – 2017


Spacecoast Business is synonymous with business success in Brevard County.  Each monthly issue focuses on a specific topic relevant to the local business community, such as emerging technology, environment/green business, workforce development and economic outlook.  In addition, local business leaders…

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Legal Professionals | Volk Law

Legal Professionals, Profiles

VolkLaw Means Business VolkLaw is a business and real estate law firm that has been serving Brevard County clients for over 22 years. At VolkLaw, results matter. Positive legal results most often occur when dealing with knowledgeable, experienced legal professionals…