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Brenda J. Bearden, President

B3 Solutions specializes in developing on-target solutions for seemingly intractable issues in the areas of: IT Services, Program Management, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Acquisition Management, and Financial Management. B3 Solutions provides valuable support to the vital operations of the United States through such agencies as: Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, FEMA, National Institute of Health, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Veterans Administration, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and the US Army Southern Command.

Between 2008 – 2011, B3 experienced significant growth despite the economy’s adverse business climate. The driving force behind this is its president, Brenda Bearden. A dynamic leader with a fierce work ethic and a passion for excellence. Brenda personifies B3 Solution’s company motto – Commitments Kept. Excellence Delivered!

Brenda began her career in the federal workforce as a contract specialist. Her successful migration from the federal workforce to a business executive can be attributed to her hard-charging work ethic and sheer perseverance.  Brenda works tirelessly and calls upon the lessons she learned throughout her career. Most importantly, she never stops learning… from everyone around her.

Her greatest professional successes are equaled by her contributions to those in the community; she believes deeply in personal responsibility and giving back to her colleagues, her clients, her friends, and any human being who happens to stumble in her path.

Brenda cares deeply and believes there’s always room for excellence: in the marketplace, the community, the workplace, and the government. Where does that excellence start? The core of Brenda Bearden is actually very simple: her fathomless faith. It’s a bottomless well of hope and the fundamental belief that anything is possible. Brenda’s faith is a light that can creatively point the way out of problems and leave those around her in a better place. Brenda is unique in that she never turns that faith off. It’s always with her and a constant reminder to always be grateful for what you have and never forget who you serve: Commitments Kept. Excellence Delivered.  There aren’t four better words to describe the exceptional business leader that is Brenda Bearden.

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