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Holy Trinity

Leadership Profile Justin Morton COMPANY: Centennial Development Group TITLE: Executive Vice President/Principal Group (Real Estate Investment/Development – Owner/Operator of Commercial Real Estate […]

December 2016 – Social Entrepreneur

Slayde Kerner &  CraftingEducation Academy While many people have hobbies they enjoy, there are some who feel so passionate about what they […]

Foodpreneur – Farmacy

[By Khristine Thomas] But we can’t miss the kale!,” is the simple phrase that would be the beginning of a dream come […]


Starting up at Factur We must never go it alone,” believes Factur founder and Orlando native Doug Brown. In early 2013, he set […]


Bryan and Donna Scott – Barn Light Electric [ By Eric Wright ] When Bryan, an air marshal and Donna, a registered nurse, […]

It’s Your Time

Students and Alumni Share Their Experiences at Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business The first MBA was offered at Dartmouth College […]

Best Practices:Leadership

Life is Both Natural and Spiritual BEYOND IF I SEE IT, I’LL BELIEVE IT For the last nine issues, my Best Practices […]

Best Practices: Marketing

Identifying Your Magnetic Target Audience DECISION-MAKING FILTERS TO HELP CHARACTERIZE A GOOD TARGET Do you want to sell more? Do you want […]

What You Need To Really Be #1

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for more years than I care to admit now. I’ve grown gray hairs, seen fads come and go, seen major search engines come and go, and I’ve spoken to hundreds of eager business owners and marketing managers who are literally obsessed with one thing and one thing only – RANKINGS.

Platt Hopwood Attorneys – Women in Business Profile

Both Billie Jo Hopwood and Tiffani Bishop of Platt Hopwood Attorneys at Law PLLC offer aggressive, passionate, successful representation, and specialize in […]

Dean Mead – Women in Business Profile

Dean Mead, one of Brevard County’s full-service business law firms, is committed to gender diversity and the important role that women leaders […]

Success Happens on Purpose

Success is not an accident, it happens as a result of very specific things. Success doesn’t happen overnight either. You have to take action everyday to get one step closer.

Have More Confidence

I’ve been thinking a lot about confidence lately, and how a lack of it plays a huge role in women’s success. My juices have been overflowing, more like boiling, on this topic ever since I read “The Confidence Code” by ABC and BBC journalists, Claire Shipman and Katty Kay.

Learn Constantly

When does learning stop? The answer should be never. Learning is a lifelong journey. When’s the last time that you learned something new or added new information to your knowledge base?

How are you Building Relationships?

Take a moment, stop and think about where you are right now. Are you reading this article on a break at work? […]