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Are you Board Ready?

Honors and Liabilities of Non-Profit Oversight W. Dale Crossley,JD, Financial Planner, RJFS and Evan M. Shear, CFP®, Certified Financial PlannerTM, lead the team at […]

Advancing Interconnecting Devices

Harris and ICAMR Work to Boost Innovative Manufacturing By Mike Weatherspoon and TomWells Everyone is pretty connected these days, with home networks hosting […]

Transportation and Distribution

The Life Stream of Economic Growth By: Alexandra K. Wood Every economic development thought leader will tell you that infrastructure and access […]

Thinking Big with the Extremely Small

NanoPhotonica Targets Commercial Markets Every year, researchers develop and discover innovative ways to make technology faster, more efficient and cheaper. And of […]

How Smart Sensors Are Changing Our World

The Limitless Possibilities of Sensor Technology [By Dr. Teresa Pace] Most people have heard of smart sensors, but may not realize how […]

Orlando iX 2.0

Showcasing Leading Tech Creators [By Adrian Rosales] What is Orlando to you? Is it the first place where  the words “Technology” and […]

Moving Forward with Five Modes

Developing the Infrastructure for the Future By Carrie Stevenson Central Florida knows how to move. As the only place on earth with […]

Blaire Martin of Florida Angel NEXUS & FAN Fund

The whole of the southeast, not just Florida in particular, accounts for only 10 percent of the Angel investment in the United States. This is especially […]

Health Innovation | A Med/Tech Expert Epicenter: Colin Forward

Mark Wilson likes to say that this will be the Floridian century. Wilson, CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, claims that if New York defined the 19th, and California the 20th centuries (economically speaking), the 21st century will be Florida’s.

The Renaissance in Women’s Healthcare

Major trends often start unheralded on the global stage. Few took notice of the Wright brothers’ inaugural flight and how many grasped the impact of the extracurricular project a student named Zuckerberg would have, as he worked in his Harvard dorm room inventing the social network?

A Monument to Veteran-Centric Care

Even among the impressive facades gracing the landscape of Medical City in Lake Nona, the new Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center stands out. The monument center glass tower stands like a sentinel over the long, wide boulevard entrance to the facility.

Get on the Map!

Back in the day, cell phones were used for talking. Then for texting. Then for everything from web surfing to navigation.

Lessons learned from NASA’s Space Taxi

In 2010, NASA announced that “Getting to space is about to be outsourced.” The administration proposed a multi-billion dollar budget to encourage private companies to build, launch and operate spacecrafts for NASA and others.

Cloud Computing

Formerly known as ndtHost, TerraCom Direct is part of Satcom Direct, a Melbourne-based global connectivity solutions provider.


It was a Tuesday like any other in April, except that the digital world had crawled into figurative bomb shelters, bracing for Google’s latest algorithm rollout – Mobilegeddon.