Orlando International Airport Set to Expand

Orlando International Airport has always been one of the region’s most important transportation hubs, but over the next 10 years, thanks to a pair of extensive expansion projects, it is moving to a whole different level.

Uber Disruptive

The most notable and sometimes notorious of these new transportation options is Uber. According to Travis Kalanick, its co-founder and CEO, the company was conceived in late 2008 while he was hanging out in Paris for a week with Garrett Camp attending LeWeb, an annual European tech conference.

All Aboard Florida Adds New Transportation Option

Then came All Aboard Florida (AAF), a Flagler-esque plan for a high-speed passenger line between Miami, where many of Florida’s Central and South American visitors arrive, and Orlando, one of the most popular destinations in the world.

I-4 Improvements Get Underway

Long-awaited improvements along Orlando’s I-4 corridor finally got underway in February.

Transportation That Takes You Beyond

While each of these modes of transportation is separate and distinct, when combined, they form one of the Space Coast’s best-kept secrets.

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