The Rest is History

Five years ago, SpaceCoast Business inaugurated our annual Business Leaders of the Year recognition. Since then, such notable individuals as Carol Craig, […]

The Ins and Outs of Medicare

Health First Offers Numerous Plans to Meet Every Need If you’re nearing retirement age, or perhaps find yourself in a situation where […]

Parrish Medical No.1 Healing Hospital

Founded in 1958 as North Brevard Hospital, PMC expanded its original multi-story “tower” facility in 1964, 1981 and 1991. But the biggest […]

The New Direction in Health Care

If health care is to become affordable, one of the primary changes that has to take place is a focus on preventing disease, instead of just curing it.

Harris Healthcare Solutions Streamlines Medical Record Sharing

For decades, Harris Corporation ensured that communication between fighter pilots and aircraft carriers or ground troops and commanders, could not be intercepted by enemy combatants.

Health First & Florida Hospital Partnership

Some partnerships don’t just make for good business; they also make perfect sense.

Health Care Reform – Don’t Go it Alone

According to legend, when Alexander the Great was wintering in Gordium he was faced with a seemingly unsolvable puzzle, the Gordian Knot.

Creating a Culture of Candor

The Genius of “Houston, We Have A Problem” When I first met my wife, one of the things that attracted me to […]

Health Care Reform White Paper

Download our free, easy-to-understand whitepaper featuring answers to the 10 strategic questions asked by business people as they relate to the Affordable […]

Question 10: What is the key information an employer needs to communicate to their employees?

If business leaders are a bit confused and therefore anxious about ACA, you can be certain their employees also are experiencing trepidation. […]

Question 9: What about ‘self-funded’ programs?

Section IV: Innovation and Communication — Navigating the Uncharted Waters Ahead America has built a health delivery system that is the envy of the […]

Can Premiums be Linked to Tobacco Use and Body Mass?

Neither Medicare nor Medicaid charges higher premiums for individuals in poor health, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 […]

Question 8: How does a business track all this data?

An employer needs to be tracking hours for all employees that are paid hourly and especially those hourly employees who hover in the range of 20+ hours per week.

Question 7: How many hours constitute a full-time employee and how many part-time employees equals one full-time employee?

Section III: The New Math of ACA — The Complexities of Employee Tracking   No one knows where the famous maxim, “He who serves […]

Question 6: What are the consequences if I pay or I play?

Companies must calculate the costs of their strategy. To follow the law, ALE companies offering healthcare plans must meet “minimum value” and […]