Orlando Economic Development Commission: Voices of the Region

Orlando Economic Development Commission: Voices of the Region Orlando’s business leaders and members of the Orlando Economic Development Commission share their thoughts and hopes […]

One on One with José Fajardo

A regional economy thrives in opportunistic times, and survives in challenging times, because of its connectedness.

Central Florida Partnership: Voices of the Region

Leaders and members of the Central Florida Partnership share their thoughts and hopes for the Central Florida region.

The Longitudinal Nature of Employee Benefits

Our current healthcare system is in the midst of a shift towards a more essential intent, concentrating on population health management. Long gone are the days of simply focusing on an occurrence of sickness.

Celebrating America

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate the Fourth of July it is important to remember how recent this American experiment is on the historic landscape.

One on One with Sherrick (Rick) T. Wassel

IQ Orlando & Florida Hospital Guided by mission, economics and opportunity, healthcare is one of the most innovation-driven industries in the world […]

Issues in Healthcare Today

The answers to our healthcare problems lie in the power of business. Power is a mysterious value; it can be equally positive or negative.

How Moms Influence Entrepreneurs

What is it about moms? They have an incredible way of creating accountability standards by which we measure success. It’s like the old southern saying: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Great men and women understand the truth of that statement.

One on One with Pamela Nabors

CareerSource Central Florida President and CEO Few organizations serve both the supply side as well as the demand side of the economic […]

How to Keep Family the Main Thing

Passing on a Legacy Running a family business can be very time-consuming for parents with kids. The best choice any parent can […]

Up Close with Joseph Duda

Former CEO and Board Chairman of A. Duda & Sons Theirs is the story of a man who left his roots in […]

One on One with John Lewis

John Lewis CEO of LYNX Jobs in a region depend on the ability of the workforce to get from their place of […]

How to Benefit from Change

The leadership virtues of cooperation, collaboration, competition and character are being challenged by the transportation sector of the Central Florida region.

One on One with Pete Barr Jr.

President/CEO of Fry Hammond Barr On the wall in Pete Barr’s office is a print ad dating back to the early 1960s […]

Goals for the New Year

Five Ingredients for Success What will the New Year bring? Will you determine your success or will you be the victim of […]