Women in Business

Creating Startup Synergy

Groundswell Launches on the Space Coast [By: Felicia Solazzo] The Space Coast boasts more engineering talent per capita than Silicon Valley or […]

A Team Built on Innovation

Novel Engineering Starting something new can be a scary journey, especially when it’s your own business. Creating a business plan, obtaining funding, […]

Creative Design with a High Tech Touch

DETAILS Flowers Rollins Venture Pitch Winner [By Shantel Hanna] When planning your special wedding day, countless items can accumulate which soon become […]

Publishers Profile

The New Salt of the Earth [By Eric Wright] There was a time in history when salt was the commodity that drove […]

Blaire Martin of Florida Angel NEXUS & FAN Fund

The whole of the southeast, not just Florida in particular, accounts for only 10 percent of the Angel investment in the United States. This is especially […]

Executive Profile – CORT

Company Name: CORT Executive Name: Joni Luce Location: Melbourne, FL Years in the Area: 3 Years at the Company: 3 Website: CORT.com Description: Joni Luce is a 25-year […]

Inspiring Innovation

We are witnessing a period in history where medicine is advancing almost as fast as mobile phone technology. Though sometimes particular cures seem to come far too slow, contemporary breakthroughs and applications are astounding.

Executive Profile — Debbie Pavlakos

Debbie Pavlakos was born in Rockledge, Florida and grew up in Eau Gallie. Married to John for 42 years, they raised two daughters, Stephanie and Cortney. After graduation from the University of Florida, Stephanie moved to Tampa but Cortney still lives with mom and dad and attends Brevard Achievement Center in Rockledge.

The Renaissance in Women’s Healthcare

Major trends often start unheralded on the global stage. Few took notice of the Wright brothers’ inaugural flight and how many grasped the impact of the extracurricular project a student named Zuckerberg would have, as he worked in his Harvard dorm room inventing the social network?


How often do we duck into a local restaurant for lunch or dinner with only the thought of food and proximity in mind? We may have read a rave review or two, but in Orlando, we as locals (even visitors) can get overwhelmed by the advertising abilities of those larger national restaurants.

Up Close: Dana Nicholson Bledsoe

When I was preparing to go back to graduate school, I felt I could impact more children and families if I went into the administrative side of healthcare, especially with my clinical background.

One on One: Dr. Deborah F. Crown

Dr. Deborah F. Crown has been named Dean-elect and professor of management at the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business By Eric Wright […]

Employment | Talent Mining: Pam Nabors

Getting the Right People On Your Bus In the first week of March alone, there were 605 jobs posted and 33 new […]

Elaina Friesel Garvin, AAMS®

Elaina Garvin, of the Garvin Wealth Management Group of Stifel, is a long-time resident of Brevard County, having graduated from Eau Gallie […]

Heidi Hughes

Heidi Hughes began Spatial Technologies, LLC, a woman-owned small business, as a sole proprietor in 2003. Spatial became a competitive player in […]