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Michael P. Sapourn

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“When your insurance company doesn’t play fair, call Michael Sapourn.” Sapourn spent 23 years running a large, privately-held insurance brokerage in the Washington D.C. area. He moved to Florida in 2002, and held the public adjuster license for seven years....
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Alpizar Law, LLC

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There is a reason Alpizar Law is Brevard’s choice for legal help following a car accident. Our law firm has specialized experience in handling a wide variety of personal injury claims, with an emphasis on auto and trucking accidents, wrongful...
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Alpizar Law, LLC

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ALPIZAR LAW, LLCEXECUTIVES: O. John Alpizar David M. Alpizar Scott D. Alpizar Alexa A. Moia FOUNDED: 1983 LOCATION: Palm Bay, FL WEBSITE: As one of Brevard’s oldest and most proven injury law firms, Alpizar Law has a long track...
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Rossway Swan | Ryan O’Connor

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EXECUTIVE: Ryan O’Connor TITLE: Associate EDUCATION: J.D. Cum Laude – Florida State University College of Law B.A. – University of Central Florida YEARS IN INDUSTRY: 5 The Members and Partners of Rossway Swan are pleased to announce Ryan O’Connor has…

Jason Slater
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Rossway Swan | Jason Slater

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EXECUTIVE: Jason Slater TITLE: Partner EDUCATION: Reading University, L.L.D. & Georgetown University, J.D. YEARS AT COMPANY: 6 The Members and Partners of Rossway Swan are pleased to announce Jason Slater as partner. For Jason Slater, working as part of a…