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The House of Lights in Melbourne, Fla., founded in 1963 and bought by Phil and Jocelyn Bronson in 1968, has positioned itself as a national leader among lighting showrooms for over 50 years.

The longstanding family business has not always sold thousands of products on display in its 12,000-sq.ft. headquarters. House of Lights initially started selling only lighting and lamps. However, the business has evolved into a decorator “super store” with products that now include furniture, area rugs, hundreds of ceiling fans, art of all kinds, decorative sinks, switches and green-energy technology.

“Energy-saving products are all the rage today and our industry is no different,” said Craig Bronson, vice president of business development for the company. “Saving money and showing a good return on your investment has become one of the most important criteria for every shopping customer.”

Over the past five to six years during the housing downturn, House of Lights has worked to improve every aspect of the business, where every function and production was inspected for efficiency and customer service. In order to improve on these aspects, an additional 3,000 square feet of showroom space has been added and with an intense focus on emerging technologies such as LED lighting, the energy-saving experts at House of Lights have invested heavily in becoming the leaders in the industry. To further this goal, the company has created its own private brand of LED products, EcoLED, which has quickly become one of the fastest selling products the company offers today.  

“We’ve obviously experienced the ups and downs of the national and local economy throughout these 50 years of business, and we continually find new and innovative ways to expand and strengthen our company. However, our commitment to honesty, good value, and exceptional service has provided the foundation for our long-term success. The real key though is the quality of the employees we have working hard for us every day,” said Phil Bronson, president and CEO. 

Five of House of Lights’ professionals have been with the firm for more than 25 years each. With various backgrounds in design, art, lighting and technology, the staff at House of Lights is more than capable of tackling any challenge that comes along. 

As a founding member of Lighting One, the largest lighting showroom buying group in the world with more than 150 members, House of Lights has become a major player in the lighting industry. Lighting One even names House of Lights its National Lighting Showroom of the Year in 2011, and they were recently honored as a finalist in The American Lighting Association’s Showroom of the Year contest in 2012. 

This article appears in the April 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Business.
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