Why is it that the more successful you are the less time you have for taking care of what’s most important to you? Making financial decisions can be overwhelming and often gets pushed to the back burner of your “To Do” list. Laura Chiesman, director of client services and wealth coach at FirstWave Financial, has made it her life’s work to help people transform the complexities wealth brings into confidence about their financial future.

“I’m living an advisor’s dream!” said Chiesman. “My position at FirstWave Financial allows me to follow my passion for helping people coordinate all their financial affairs. When I was studying for and looking for a job in this business, I had a vision of what clients needed from their advisor. That vision has been fulfilled at FirstWave Financial, where our clients’ best interest is our only interest. We love to coordinate and integrate all the moving parts of their financial life, helping them balance their sometimes competing goals, e.g. pay off debt versus invest; save for retirement versus college education for children.”

Chiesman is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and has been with FirstWave Financial for 13 years. She earned her finance degree at UCF. In addition to her leadership at the firm, she is the president of the American Women’s Business Association, Oceanside Charter Chapter. She is also on the Genesis House governing board, which provides transitional shelter for homeless women and their children.

“The most rewarding part of my job is to see firsthand how our clients’ lives are transformed,” Chiesman said. “Couples will come in not knowing where they are on their path to financial freedom. They wonder, ‘If something happens to me, will my family be taken care of? Are my assets protected? Can I afford to buy something I’ve always wanted, such as a second home, and how will it affect my financial future?’

“We take them through our unique, proprietary process called The WealthCare SolutionTM. Here, they determine what is most important to them and together we implement the strategies to transform their goals into reality. I can see the stress and worry slowly dissipate from them as they discover where they are today and where they are headed. I’m proud to say the majority of our new business comes from client referrals; I attribute this to our focus on extreme client service.”