Outsourcing Works

In 2010, NASA announced that “Getting to space is about to be outsourced.” The administration proposed a multi-billion dollar budget to encourage private companies to build, launch and operate spacecrafts for NASA and others. Uncle Sam would buy its astronauts a ride into space just like hopping in a taxi.

But why outsource? After all, NASA is America’s preeminent authority in space travel.

NASA evaluated their core mission and realized going private would free the space agency to do other things, such as explore beyond Earth’s orbit, do more research and study the Earth with better satellites. It would spur a new generation of private companies – even some with Internet roots – to innovate.

Many organizations are realizing just what NASA has – outsourcing can save money, accelerate innovation, and allow them to focus on their primary mission. But what does a space taxi have to do with my computer infrastructure and network?

Technology is changing rapidly; everyone is scrambling to understand the changing landscape. In a recent blog, Debi Raidl from Brocade said, “In his VMworld 2015 keynote address, Pat Gelsinger stated that to dominate in the mobile-cloud era, organizations must be ‘Ready for Any.’ Innovating faster, fully engaging customers, and empowering employees — all while protecting their data from attacks.” 

“With three billion mobile clouds connections today, the rules of the game must change to meet a projected seven plus billion within five years.” A recent Gartner, Inc. survey tells us “87 percent of chief information officers (CIOs) agree that the digital world is creating new types and levels of risk for their business.”

Helping You Navigate 

So how does outsourcing help you navigate? How do I evaluate service providers?

First, staying abreast of technology enablement and ahead of security challenges is more than a full time job, a job that may divert your staff from their primary objectives. Using a specialized team of unified technology experts who focus the technology goals to align with the defined business goals is the most cost effective methodology. 

Secondly, technology today moves with you. Companies that used to provide smart phones and computers to employees are overwhelmed with securing tablets, watches and other network enabled devices on the wireless and wired networks. Users want to bring their own private unmanaged technology into a business environment that relies on security for stability. If you do not completely understand what makes up the “Internet of Things,” you cannot adequately protect your business from the challenging new security vulnerabilities it might bring along with it.

Although this is third, security should be top of the list. Every night on the 6 o’clock news, we hear of another government agency or major corporation being hacked. The justification most companies use of “it will never happen to me” is not a sound business decision aligned with technology goals.

Act Before The Crisis     

A professional technology company that has the experts on staff to deliver monitoring, maintenance, and technical support for an entire network (including antivirus, antimalware, threat prevention, firewall, and content filtering solutions) to protect your infrastructure from internal and external threats lowers business risk. You cannot buy insurance after an accident, and you cannot buy security after an intrusion. 

Last but not least, ease the tension of determining designing, deploying and funding assets. Managed services allow you to be proactive. Escaping term commitments and depreciation cycles allows you to focus on desired outcomes. Over 70 percent of businesses are already using some form of “pay-as-you-go” IT services, from public, private and hybrid clouds, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and now Brocade is even offering Network-as-a-Service. Services like Brocade Network Subscription offer you the agility to use the right network infrastructure today and change it, at any time, with 60-day notification. Services like this allow you to move forward on terms that align your technology and business goals simultaneously, based on changing business needs.

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Charles Berry and the team at TotalCareIT can help you navigate today and provide you the agility for tomorrow if you want to be “Ready for Any.” Go to and see the 10 Benefits of Managed Services.

This article appears in the November 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Business.
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