(Left to right: David Soper, CEO of ndtHOST and CTO of Artemis and Travis Proctor, CEO of Artemis)

In the July 2012 issue of SpaceCoast Business, Travis Proctor, CEO of Artemis, likened the idea of his company’s, then under-development, data center to offering business owners the opportunity to affordably lease a new IT Ferrari, versus purchase an IT Honda Accord. Essentially, the soon-to-be-launched data center would allow business owners who could not otherwise meet the expense of a sophisticated IT infrastructure the ability to lease top-of-the-line equipment and technologies needed to efficiently and securely run their businesses.

Today, after three years of planning and one year of construction, the team at Artemis has officially unveiled the new data center. The finished facility is a 25,000 square-foot, 165 mile-per-hour wind-rated bunker with redundant power, cooling and Internet connections. Its sole purpose is to protect critical computer systems no matter what. It’s called ndtHOST Viera Data Center and, starting this month, is ready to accommodate new business.

High Caliber & High Capacity

“When we fully migrate our existing customers into the facility, we will utilize about 15 percent of its capacity. This migration will take about 12 months to complete,” explained David Soper, who serves as the CEO of ndtHOST and CTO of Artemis. “However, we will be adding new customers directly into ndtHOST during this time as well. With the modular design, we can ‘light up’ unused dark shells in 5,000 square-foot sections until the entire 25,000 square feet is used.”

ndtHOST is a sister company to Artemis, and represents an investment by the group that demonstrates a commitment to create a strong cloud computing infrastructure here in Brevard County. The data center makes available everything from a broad spectrum of cloud computing services, to dedicated server environments for more critical business needs, to co-location services that allow customers the ability to lease cabinets, floor space, or even private suites for their own equipment.

Cloud Computing Conveniences

“ndtHOST brings the capabilities of a large cloud provider to the Space Coast,” said Soper. “Many customers come to us since we’re people they can actually meet and reach on the phone. You can’t get that from Microsoft, Rackspace or Google.”

In basic terms, cloud computing refers to services accessible via the Internet. As a cloud provider, ndtHOST relieves business owners of the pressures associated with network functionality by offering computing and storage applications – such as e-mail and website hosting and accounting systems, among a host of others – as an outsourced service.

The demand for cloud computing is a direct result of the benefits it offers business owners. Soper explained that since cloud providers generally charge on a per user monthly subscription basis, business owners avoid the capital expense of purchasing expensive computer equipment. Basically, it allows business owners to only pay for what they need. Cloud services are typically hosted on high-end equipment in data centers and managed by highly skilled technical personnel. These shared resources make enterprise-level services affordable to even the smallest business owner.

Soper further explained that “Cloud facilities and networks are far more secure than most business offices. Plus, all the services, including data backups, are monitored and managed by the cloud service provider.” And, “A user’s location is no longer a hindrance to information access and collaboration as cloud services are usually accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection.”

Full Suite of IT Services

Currently, ndtHOST signifies the only purpose-built commercial Tier 3 data center providing cloud computing services on the Space Coast. While its size is about average when compared to other data centers, due to its modern power management and cooling infrastructure, its capacity is far higher per square foot than older facilities. “This is true for data centers in Central Florida, throughout the state and throughout the world,” said Soper. “Typically, you would find this type of facility in a major metropolitan area. We are excited to bring something of this caliber to the Space Coast.”

Soper and his team plan on adding up to five additional data centers around the country over time that will be built in markets located outside of major metropolitan areas.

With ndtHOST now open, the portfolio of capabilities of Artemis as a whole encompass virtually every IT service a business may need. This includes website and custom app development, telephone systems, and voice and data cabling. It also includes the ability to design, install and support the IT infrastructure of businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to large enterprises.