Someone once commented on a certain author who had more than 20 books to his credit. The comment went something like this: “He didn’t write 20 books, he wrote one book 20 times.” I sort of feel that way, whether we are discussing technology, ecommerce or green business; my compass always points to the entrepreneurs who are building the innovative companies of tomorrow. They move the storyline from aspiration to implementation, and we cover some of these Space Coast innovators in this issue.

In a report published by the United States Census Bureau: Statistics of U.S. Businesses, more than 50 percent of the working population (120 million individuals) work in small businesses. Another Small Business Administration (SBA) report produced at the same time tells us over 65 percent of the net new jobs created since 1995 owe their existence to small businesses.

What is important is we also realize immigrants are almost twice as likely to open their own businesses as native-born Americans in the United States. One wonders if our educational system is training people not to be entrepreneurial. In fact, immigrants (or their children) founded 41 percent of Fortune 500 companies, and seven out of 10 of the most valuable brands in the world fall into the same category.

It is encouraging to note the small business failure rate has actually declined, and millennials have launched twice as many companies across the world as baby boomers. Though the great recession slowed things down and millennial optimism was negatively affected by the downturn, entrepreneur superstars like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and thousands of others are inspiring a new generation of business starters and builders.

Favorite Quotes From this Issue:

“As a region, the more we can do to provide experiential learning for all kids and allow them to find their passions, the better off we will be.”

— Erica Lemp [Pg 12]

“The relationship we’ve built with our corporate clients and their HR departments is like a recommendation coming from a trusted friend.
That trust is something we work hard to maintain.”

— Scott Sorensen [Pg 18]

So one of my big goals was to be successful in what we do, but also surround myself with people I want to be with.”

— Jason Petro [Pg 36]