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As the new world of automation drives the change of pace in technology, commitment to the next wave of knowledge for businesses is necessary to remain competitive and secure. All master craftsmen demand excellent tools to complete their work. They know that the best tools allow them to focus on creating their next masterpiece rather than being sidetracked, frustrated, or limited by the tools they are using. The computers, software, and office equipment are the tools you use every day to create your greatest masterpiece: your business.

If the technology in your office is not simplifying your business and making it easier for you to get more done with fewer employees, it surely is costing you a lot more than, for example, the price of a server. We understand that technology is truly a hard cost to quantify; however, there certainly is a cost, and depending on your business operations and how you use the computers and technology in your office, the cost may be significant.

How It All Started- IT Managed Services

The buzzword relating to IT Support is “managed services,” and every day more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. But what does managed services actually mean and how can you tell if an IT support company is not just using the word as a marketing tool, but in fact is offering “flat rate” services packages as “managed services?”

As a definition, managed services allow a business to offload IT operations to a service provider, known as a managed service provider (MSP). The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within a business. The companies who have helped service small networks in the past have been hamstrung by the lack of tools to help with the problem. Maintenance was break-fix only, meaning when something broke, the company called and they came running to fix it… hopefully. 

As time went on, the best of the support people developed procedures and programs to periodically come on-site to do a system review of logs and user information looking for hints of issues before they became big problems. The issue of course, was that the support technician could only see what was happening on that particular day. If something happened later, they would never know about it unless the customer called. 

Additionally, the only professional test of the backup system was on the visit, which frequently resulted in days or more of missed backups. The system was prone to other human errors when the on-site technician, trying to be accommodating, would take care of the “end user” symptoms and would not have time to address the “real issues.” This created a constant battle for the technicians as they tried to convince customers that they were only causing themselves more dangerous problems down the road by not being practical. 

Now Available for All

At the same time, the hardware and software vendors were adding new and better ways for systems to signal problems as early as possible. Simple Network Management Protocol had been developing since the early 90’s and was being applied to PCs. The first systems that could watch these tools and turn all the data into usable information were complex to manage, geared only to large networks, and were prohibitively expensive for small business. In 2005, systems started to mature, allowing smaller companies to take advantage of the same features and benefits as the large companies. This technology started the managed services movement. Finally, managed services were available for small to medium sized businesses.

The managed services software that is in place today allows providers to work towards two major goals: ensure network symptoms or risks send an alert to the MSP before the event occurs and address every alert that is considered an important event. The more closely an MSP can get to these two goals, the more perfectly they can achieve a truly managed service, and the more they can get away from having an “everything is an emergency” situation. 

SaalexIT is an IT MSP that can help businesses protect against data loss, reduce system downtime, increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce viruses, spy-ware and spam. Leveraging its experience, SaalexIT’s mission is to keep clients’ IT systems, cloud services and network operational and running at its maximum potential. Business owners can focus on the everyday demands of managing cost while growing their business without losing sleep.


Similar to the telephone world that changed from analog to digital to Internet protocol (IP) in less than two decades, the video surveillance industry has seen a rapid shift from analog to hybrid to full IP.

Every small and medium-sized organization has a guardian: the person who treats their work more like a personal investment than a job. In a small business, it is the owner. In a school, it is the principal. In manufacturing, it is the facility manager. For businesses, surveillance is an option. 

SaalexIT takes advantage of the Internet to deliver video surveillance protection to these customers that is tailored to their needs. With these tools in place, our customers achieve peace of mind that allows them to focus on more important parts of their organization or life.

The SaalexIT Difference

Put in simple terms, SaalexIT is a MSP that discovers and fixes problems before issues can negatively affect its clients. The SaalexIT Experts ensure its clients have a well-maintained, proactively serviced computer network configured with proactive support such as network monitoring, patch management, and desktop optimization.

As a surveillance provider, SaalexIT ensures that its clients receive a tremendous difference in operations by emphasizing what it knows business owners care about the most: Custom design, expertise and savings. 

  • Custom Design: Each organization is unique with its own security needs. Therefore, SaalexIT tailors each project to exactly what the customer reports. Every project or need begins with a free on-site assessment.
  • Expertise: The SaalexIT team has been installing IP video surveillance systems for many years. Because of this deep expertise, SaalexIT customers know that the video surveillance recommendations are informed and unbiased. Once projects are completed, the SaalexIT Service Advisor conducts an on-site post assessment, which is a very important step that SaalexIT includes in all installations.
  • Savings: SaalexIT offers an affordable cost savings solution to meet the client needs, from white glove treatment to remote support. SaalexIT’s SMART Maintenance Plan ensures rapid response time, replacement parts, and includes labor and routine preventative maintenance check.



SaalexIT President and CEO, Travic Mack

SaalexIT emphasizes partnership and service throughout every customer relationship because it recognizes that decisions about security are critical business matters that do not go away after the purchase. SaalexIT appreciates its advisory role with its customers and its business mission is to ensure that customers can count on SaalexIT from the initial set-up to ongoing technical support.

Saalex Information Technology, LLC (SaalexIT) is located in Rockledge, Florida and has regional offices in California and Georgia. SaalexIT specializes in a wide range of services including tailored Information Technology (IT) services and video surveillance solutions for small and medium businesses in Central Florida and Southern California. For more information call (800) 584-6844 or visit

This article appears in the November 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Business.
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