Highly competent and well-experienced, Pamela Reed, CEO of Kindred Hospital in Melbourne, began her nursing career in 2009. Over the span of 26 years, Reed successfully has served in various roles including Critical Care Unit staff nurse, Infection Control Prevention Officer, Director of Quality Management and Risk Manager.

“Serving with and leading the Melbourne team allows us to make a positive impact with the lives of our patients, family members, team members and our community and that’s pretty exciting,” she said. Reed attributes her competitive edge with the experience, flexibility and problem solving that comes with motherhood, and also with bringing her nurturing skills to the front of the acute care system.
Reed highlights two women as mentors she aspires to: “My grandmother Leodia Sloan taught me to be respectful and always strive to be the best at whatever I’m doing, whether it’s cleaning the kitchen or leading by example.” Another mentor, Jane Dailey, vice president of clinical operations at the hospital, “has instilled in me to be trustworthy, lead others with respect, clarity and positive expectations,” she added.

Her favorite quote is from a biblical passage, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” (Luke 12:48) Reed strives to be a positive role model and share her talents and skills with those around her; she believes in leading by example every day. Her dedication paid off when she was nominated and successfully completed the Executive Nurse Leadership Program (ENLP) in 2013, and was selected as the 2013 Chief Clinical Officer of the Year.

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Melbourne, FL 32901
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