Tessa Cleveland is the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Gen X Motors in Merritt Island, a pre-owned car dealership specializing in luxury vehicles. The Merritt Island store, one of two locations, was established in the late 1990s. The Melbourne store was later opened in the spring of 2012. Cleveland started with the company in 2005 as the executive assistant to the President of Gen X Motors. Over the next 11 years she studied all aspects of the car business including Gen X’s purchase process, while attending auto auctions regularly throughout the state. She next focused on mastering the entire inspection process and how vehicles are prepared for sale.

There are many different arenas in the car business and learning all of them became her passion. The administrative side became a natural fit for her where she accomplished the titling and registration processes for customers as well as tending to customer service. Although this may not seem glamorous, it is essential to maintaining a reputable dealership and staying competitive. “Customer service is what separates you from every other dealership on the block and there are many,” she said.

One may assume that the auto industry is
a “man’s world” but as you now know
Cleveland is one of a new generation of
female executives making their mark in this male dominated profession.

Cleveland currently resides in Suntree with her husband Raoul and their three children, and seeks to continue her success within this
great community.