YP Profile: Dr. Shea Ehret

Age:  31

Company:  Brevard Eye Center

Title: Optometrist

Status: Married

Years in Brevard: 3

What made you decide to live/work in Brevard County?

My husband (fiancé at the time), Christian, lived here and I was living and working in Orlando.  I loved the small town feel and sense of community here as well as being near the ocean and so many wonderful outdoor activities.  And, of course, the love of my life is here!

What drew you to your profession?

I was initially attracted to optometry because I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old and loved my optometrist that prescribed contact lenses for me and changed my life!  I wanted to be just like her and help others see all the things they’re missing.  After researching the optometric profession, I realized I could do much more than prescribe glasses and contacts.  I can really help take care of my patients and their families by diagnosing and treating diseases and degenerative conditions.

What are the most important factors contributing to your current success?

The love and support of my wonderful parents was a huge factor in my success.  They told me from a young age I could do anything I put my mind to and gave me the confidence to reach for my dreams.

What must companies and communities do to attract and retain young professionals?

Communities and companies should instill a sense of confidence and solidarity with leaders and executives that are approachable and programs to help younger professionals grow and broaden their knowledge.  The community as a whole should encourage businesses to be involved.  Feeling like part of a family within my company and a sense of belonging to the community are extremely important and have made living in Brevard County an amazing experience.

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