Bobbie Dyer, division president of Dyer Mortgage, loves being able to help her clients with their financial goals and in creating the right financing program for them. Dyer says, “I chose the mortgage industry as a long term career after starting an entry level job. I was intrigued with how complex the business is and I loved problem solving no matter what the challenge. It is never boring and I have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the business.

“The most exciting thing to me is seeing a client at closing and know that we did a great job for them and put their needs first! It’s great when clients tell me how happy they are with the advice and service we provided; I especially love it when they say that they felt we really cared about them on a personal level because that is our top priority. It’s also exciting to have a new client call and say that they were referred to us by friends and family because they were so happy with how we took care of them,” Dyer added.
Dyer’s personal mantra was created when she was starting out on her own in college with absolutely nothing; “Other people can be smarter than me, richer than me and prettier than me but they will NOT out work me!” Bobbie adds, “I used hard work to get where I am today; no matter what the job was, I did it and I made sure I did well and put as much effort into it that I could.”

Dyer has been involved in hundreds of local charitable events, and currently serves on three boards of directors. One of her favorite charitable activities is to serve as the live auctioneer or emcee at fundraisers; over the past six years, she has led 25 live auctions. Dyer was a recipient of SpaceCoast Living’s “Spirit of the Space Coast” award in November. Her take on community service? “I call it ‘collateral benefit.’ Everyone feels the benefit of a giving community.”

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