Top trending spots for 2020 include eco-conscious cities like Cape Canaveral and Guadalajara, culture hubs like Bilbao and Milwaukee, and emerging destinations like Romania and Vanuatu


Cape Canaveral, FL — Looking ahead to travel planning for next year, Airbnb is forecasting growing interest in lesser known and eco-conscious cities and countries across the world based on Airbnb booking data – and Cape Canaveral takes the 12th spot on the list of top 20 trending spots for 2020, based on year-over-year growth in bookings*.


Ranging from post-industrial culture hubs like Milwaukee and Guadalajara to emerging destinations that are benefiting from an increase in sustainable tourism, this year’s list is full of surprises and hidden gems. Airbnb research also shows that some of the top trending locales are cities and regions that are preparing for big events like the track and field qualifiers in Eugene, Oregon and the many surf competitions happening in Ubatuba, Brazil.


Driven by the city’s reputation as an eco-friendly coastal community and destination for space enthusiasts, Cape Canaveral is seeing a 136% increase in year-over-year bookings for the upcoming year*. Cape Canaveral will see a spike in Airbnb guest arrivals from all over the world as the launch site of NASA’s Mars 2020 Exploration Program in July 2020.


Not only for space enthusiasts, eco-conscious travelers can also enjoy Cape Canaveral’s vast natural beauty including an incredible 72 miles of beachfront and three significant protected areas — Canaveral National Seashore, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Sebastian Inlet State Park. The city has long sought to be an example of sustainability and eco-consciousness for Florida’s coast.


“Whether visiting the city to marvel at the Kennedy Space Center or the 219 square miles of coastal dunes, marshes and estuaries at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Airbnb hosts allow for healthy travel to Cape Canaveral,” said Tom Martinelli, Airbnb Policy Director in Florida. “Airbnb also provides important extra income for hosts in the region and an economic boost for areas that would not typically benefit from tourism.”


“Cape Canaveral offers some of Florida’s memorable experiences, and VISIT FLORIDA is excited to learn that this destination is included on the list of 2020 Destinations to Visit,” said VISIT FLORIDA President and CEO Dana Young. “At VISIT FLORIDA, we will continue to work to ensure that everyone in the world understands everything Florida has to offer to our travelers. Thank you to Airbnb and everyone involved in recognizing Cape Canaveral.”


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*Based on internal Airbnb data for bookings made for 2020 as of October 2019 vs. bookings made for 2019 as of October 2018.