…and Lots of It for Brevard!

The 2010 Census is coming!  Why should you fill it out?  Because it is additional revenue for our community – the federal government distributes billions of tax dollars based on census numbers.

During the last census it was estimated that over 35 percent of the population was undercounted. Statistics from the City of Cocoa estimate that 40 percent of the population was not counted.  The undercounted represent $14.4 million in lost funding for the residents of the City of Cocoa.

During these tough economic times, Brevard County and its’ cities can not afford to leave that much money on the table.  By law, the Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s personal information with anyone, including other federal agencies and law enforcement entities.  So there is NO reason not to fill out the 2010 Census.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the undercounting of Florida residents directly impacted more than $500 billion in federal funding to states, counties and municipalities over the last 10 years.  Cities lost more than $2,200 in federal and state aid for EACH person undercounted.

The 2010 Census is a snapshot of our nation’s population.  The federal government distributes more than $500 billion annually to state and local governments based on census data.  The 2010 Census form is the shortest in history with only 10 questions.

The five key steps that have taken place to ensure a successful census are as follows:

  1. Between April and July 2009, census workers canvassed the country to update addresses and maps from previous census.  This is to ensure that new construction is documented and therefore counted.
  2. More than 130 million addresses will receive a form in March 2010.
  3. Census ad is April 1, 2010.
  4. Census workers will follow up and visit addresses that have not responded.
  5. The Census Bureau will provide the 2010 census count to the President by December 31, 2010, which includes the total population counts and the number of representatives for each state.

The brochure from the Census Bureau asks the following questions:

Would life in your community be better if:

  1. You had access to new hospitals and senior centers or enhanced healthcare services for ill or aging family members?
  2. Your children could learn in new or improved schools or childcare centers?
  3. Your commute to work was safer and less congested thanks to better roads or expanded public transportation options?
  4. Your local emergency services providers had up-to-date maps to ensure faster response in a crisis?
  5. Your local markets could better deliver goods and services to your community?

The resounding response from Brevard County is YES!

Each and every citizen should fill out their census forms.  No information will be shared to other local, state, or federal agencies for enforcement purposes.  The only use for the 2010 Census is to supply an accurate and correct count of our nation’s population.  This count affects government representation, federal funds for local communities, access to funds to improve roads, healthcare services, childcare services, improved schools and maps to improve first responders’ emergency services.

Find out how you can support a complete count for Florida in 2010 by visiting www.census.gov or contact Carol Westmorland at the Florida League of Cities at (850) 701-3608 or cwestmoreland@flcities.com.

Do your civic duty and create a better future for you and those important to you.