2012 Business Leader of the Year – MARKETING

Charley Richards

Founder and president, Absolutely Natural


The funnel clouds around Atlantis Road the last year and a half aren’t tornadoes, but rather a whirlwind emanating from Absolutely Natural, Inc.


The 20-year old Melbourne-based business has seen unprecedented growth since early 2010 as several key projects have come to fruition resulting in doubling gross revenue and adding 20,000 square feet and 10 employees to their roster.  According to Founder and President Charley Richards, there is no slowdown in the near future.  “We have enjoyed success in expansion of our spa business as well as launching several new lines for Absolutely Natural.”


Envy Organics and a complete new line of retail and professional spa products for Sandals Resorts accounted for a good percentage of the growth while retail stores and online web sales are up significantly.


“In the course of running a small business, there will always be challenges and some may seem insurmountable.  You can never, ever give up.  Be a problem solver and always keep your eye on your goals.”