Tammi Belt, Tammi Belt Interiors | Published in SpaceCoast Business MagazineAfter over twenty years working on the Space Shuttle program, Tammi Belt decided to follow her passion and pursue a career as an interior designer and owning her own business.  “My last day at Kennedy Space Center came in August 2011 and I decided to embrace the opportunity to pursue my passion; one door closes and another one opens,” Belt said. “When would I ever have this chance again?”

Although she had a MBA from the University of Central Florida, she decided to get a degree in Interior Design Technology from Brevard Community College where she had also graduated from 23 years earlier.

After completing the necessary paperwork, Tammi Belt Interiors opened on November 1, 2011 and the business continues to grow through Belt’s meetings with homebuilders and realtors and her attendance at networking events. She is also currently studying for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Associate exam.

“As an interior designer it is extremely important to listen to your client and guide them through the design process,” Belt explained. “It is exhilarating when you’ve helped them by creating a design that is a reflection of them.”

“Helping people and being honest is what I have done throughout my life,” Belt recalled. “Communication is essential and being willing to compromise to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the end result. It is not about who wins or loses, but how everyone can succeed.”