Mark Salmon, President, Appliance Direct

Appliance Direct is perhaps the most recognizable retail brand launched on the Space Coast next to Ron Jon. The marketing mind behind that phenomenon is Mark Salmon. Initially creating its niche by making “scratch and dent” synonymous with good products at great values, Salmon and his partner Sam Pak have recently reinvented their business.

“We have evolved to a model that shows the maximum display of products, in the nicest area of the community, utilizing the smallest possible footprint. Ten years ago, we were about the biggest display at the cheapest rent, and now we are essentially the opposite,” Salmon explained. “We have moved from measuring square feet to actually measuring square inches in order to maximize what we present in our stores. The market has changed; we can buy new in volume cheaper than we can buy older scratch and dent. We still offer a great selection at the best possible prices. But we also want to engage in a dialogue with our customers so that if they are so inclined, they move from finding what they need to discovering what they really want.

“We have two corporate mottos, ‘A nickel in motion is worth ten thousand sitting still!’ and, ‘Going slow will often get you there more quickly than trying to get there fast.’