Christopher Burton, Founder and President,
The Christopher Burton Companies

While other homebuilders were struggling to survive, Chris Burton initiated a strategy that enabled his company to capture significant market share in the luxury custom home sector of the homebuilding market. Customer service, attention to detail and breathtaking design were all combined to create an amazing product line by Burton’s professional and talented staff, which, according to Chris, “is second to none.” These qualities along with a rebranding campaign, gave way to the creation of an entirely new suite of companies that includes Christopher Burton Luxury Homes, Burton Home Services and Inspirations Home Design Center. Remarkably, Inspirations today has a larger staff than their home building company had just a few short years ago.

“What used to be a pretty brutal process, of running all over town to make a myriad of design decisions in a very haphazard fashion, has been streamlined so that what used to take weeks or even months can be done in days through our design center. That means a lot to our clients, who are generally very busy people,” Burton explained. Obviously, it is a formula that is working very well as the Burton Companies will build close to 50 estate homes this year.


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