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January 2013

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I Believe In Education


Why It’s Our Best Investment by Robert Jordan At a recent panel discussion regarding the state of our local aerospace industry, I was asked. “What one thing could be done to spark sustained economic development in Brevard County?”  My answer…

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising


If you are a business that has a website (which is just about everyone), then chances are you have been targeted by Internet marketing companies who are telling you they can guarantee your website will be on the first page of Google.

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What Is Happy?


Bullying and its consequences have caught the attention of the media. Webster defines this behavior as “the use of force in an emotional, verbal, written or physical form in an attempt to coerce, abuse or intimidate others.” Unfortunately, bullying thrives in the business environment as well as in society in general.

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Management, Profiles, Women in Business

Pat Bell has been involved in the health care industry for over 40 years, having held various positions in companies ranging from independent practices to Fortune 500 firms

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Management, Profiles, Women in Business

Helping businesses grow by providing a suite of marketing and promotional products and services that help them stand out in the Central Florida marketplace, as well as fostering connections in the community, is what drives Cherise Czaban.

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Management, Profiles, Women in Business

With strong people skills and an education and background in advertising, public relations and printing sales, Lori brings her know-how and expertise, to SCB Marketing as a Client Services Manager.