John Walsh
John Walsh – Port Canaveral

When CEO John Walsh took over at the Port, it was like stepping on a fast-moving escalator, but it is one he has been able to sustain and balance with amazing dexterity. With the opening of the new Cruise Terminal 1 in December, another piece is added in positioning the Port as a leading cruise operation. With the GTUSA deal that brought Gulftainer’s international expertise to the Port’s cargo business, and The Cove development, which within the next two years will include shopping, restaurants, entertainment, music festivals and high-quality hotels, the forecast for Port Canaveral is very bright.

According to Walsh, “The impact of these projects will lead to 5,000 new high-quality, high-paying jobs in the region over the next five years and up to 15,000 over the next 10 years. Our cargo business will grow from a $5 million income stream to a $100 million stream, with 20 times growth in 10 years. This will mean tens of millions of dollars in economic impact to the region in cargo, logistics and trade and it will have a huge impact on the county and into the I-4 corridor. Great regions need a growing cargo port and now this region has one.

“We have so many exciting new projects and opportunities, but we are now learning to pace ourselves as we cannot do it all at once. This port means a lot to everyone in our region, therefore the impact on every stakeholder needs to be considered.”

“The expansion of the Port and the opportunities to Central Floridians are huge as we set the groundwork for massive logistics, trade, and manufacturing to grow out of a stronger port cargo infrastructure.”

This article appears in the December 2014 issue of SpaceCoast Business.
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