Steve HicksThe Elephant in the Room
Maybe One Is Better Than Two

Did you know that over 80% of the readers for SpaceCoast Living and SpaceCoast Business are the same demographic?

Given that statistic, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. What has happened to your SpaceCoast Living, and more importantly, your SpaceCoast Business magazines? We’ve combined them into one bigger magazine going forward that centralizes the connection you have with Brevard County. After much discussion and detailed analysis, we are proud to offer all that is “Live, Work and Play” on the Space Coast represented in one premier publication. This publication provides the reader a trusted source of information and connects businesses with the number one buying group and most influential audience in the county.

SpaceCoast Business was our first publication over 12 years ago, followed by SpaceCoast Living a few years later. At the time, they had more distinct personalities. The workplace was different, the people who came to make Brevard home were a little different. With the phenomenal re-emergence of the Space Coast based on a more entrepreneurial model — private space flight development versus the traditional government agency model — our publications evolved to reflect this new paradigm.

Business now is much more entwined with how and where we live, and how we entertain ourselves and others. Consider this new publication a reflection of all we are passionate about and you’ll see our rationale for this big step forward. SpaceCoast Business will remain within SpaceCoast Living as a prominent section, much like SpaceCoast HEALTH and SpaceCoast HOME, and like HEALTH, you’ll likely see it as a separate publication from time to time for special issues.

Trending Upward
As director of business development, I was concerned that no matter how positive a step this was for us, it would ultimately look like we were downsizing, when our market share continues to increase. We hear a lot about print media in a digital age, interestingly in our category of media, specialty publications; are continuing to capture a growing and loyal following. People continue to love magazines. When we combine time spent reading our print publications with the time spent online with our social media and digital editions, the time spent with us has increased. We are a better marketing value now than ever before.

But admittedly, it was sometimes a bit cumbersome. When we’d meet new people and new businesses, we’d tell them we proudly showcase all that is good about business, entrepreneurism and the pursuit of ethical capitalism in Brevard and hand them a copy of SpaceCoast Business. Or proclaim we live in the most amazing location for an aspirational lifestyle and slide a copy of SpaceCoast Living onto the coffee table.

But why choose? Most of our readers work here and live here. Most enjoy the fruits of their labors here and have chosen a career path that brought them to Brevard, or they moved here to create a new direction. As we mentioned earlier, our research shows our audiences for both publications were over 80 percent the same. Now the choice is simple: if you want to reach the best and brightest, we have your audience. Or if you want fresh, new content about our extraordinary community – where to eat, play and opportunities for philanthropic involvement, we are your trusted source of information.

You hold in your hands the new, big, bold aspirational guidebook for the Space Coast.

Then there’s the practical, business aspect. If both audiences are so much the same, doesn’t it make more sense to create one publication? One bigger, better magazine that is all encompassing of all that is Brevard and the Space Coast? When we announced the plan to our staff at a team-building lunch, our sales team thanked us, our production team thanked us and our distribution team thanked us. Now that it is done, and we hold one in our hands, we’re looking forward to the numerous possibilities this brings both our readers and advertisers.

Welcome to the bigger, better SpaceCoast Living, incorporating SpaceCoast Business. Where we live and work is out of this world (see what I did there?), with some of the best people you’ll ever meet and community involvement like no other.

And we’re going to show it all to you one month at a time. ◆

You hold in your hands the new, big, bold aspirational guidebook for the Space Coast.