Times are changing and the speed of social media has evolved into one of the most valuable and inexpensive sources of digital advertising. Did you know Google brings in over $30 billion in advertising revenue per year accounting for 97 percent of their total annual revenue? When this kind of money is involved, you have to ensure you know how to find the right target to get your return on investment or ROI. That is why social media is a cheaper way to gain a stronger online presence for your business. Here are five solid tips to help achieve this.

1. Ensure your Facebook has the right account

Most companies have a Facebook page, which is a great way for people to communicate and engage with your business. Think of it this way: The majority of potential customers will peruse your page, reviews, posts, images, all before making the decision to do business with you. It is critical to keep this content up to date, and take advantage of some of Facebook’s customization features.

2. Organize your Sidebar

After choosing the theme, make sure to check the different types of tabs available for your profile page. Use only the ones businesses would need to use and prioritize them, in order, from top to bottom. Page visitors can shop your website, join your email list, look at your events, find out what services you offer and learn about special promotions you are having.

3. Customize your Profile Button

When you have a standard Facebook page, the button under your cover image says Send Message. This button can be used as a call to action button and can lure free customers to your business. The custom features let you do many functions, but you can only pick one, so make sure you are using the optimum choice for your particular business. If the majority of your clients contact you via email or phone, this contact button now has capabilities to call your phone just by customers clicking it.

4. Schedule your Posts

Frequently updating your Facebook page is easily forgotten, thanks to the interfering tasks you face each day. Facebook tracks organic engagement to filter your followers’ newsfeed, and if you are not engaging with your followers, your content may be suppressed. In other words, with Facebook, if you do not use it, you lose it. Fortunately, you can schedule posts for free right through Facebook Publishing Tools function.

5. Boost your Posts

If you want to attract potential customers to your content, Facebook advertising can ensure your followers are seeing what you are posting. You can add call to action buttons to your post directing them to your site and target your followers and even friends of your followers. Facebook also has a $39.9 billion annual revenue ad manager system that has endless possibilities for advertising, but oftentimes, it’s best to leave Facebook advertising to the professionals.

Tasha is the Director of Digital Marketing for SCB Marketing having spent the past few years perfecting the art of social
media marketing.