Ray WasserTitle:  Principal

Company:  Raymond E. Wasser, CPA, PA

Education:  Bachelor of the Arts in Accounting,

University of South Florida

Years in Area:  33

Years at Company:  27

Website:  www.raywassercpa.com

Great heights are the goal for certified public accountant Raymond Wasser — launching entrepreneurs’ dreams and helping their small businesses soar. As a sole practitioner, Wasser says his clients know they are working with the top leaders of the firm each time they come to him. And for his part, Wasser strives to treat each client as his only client.

“I aim to excel in responsive service, and also to constantly consider how I can add value to my client’s business,” he explained. “It’s not just about costs or previous transactions — it’s where value can be added with a forward-thinking approach.”

Wasser just completed a certification course through AICPA in blockchain fundamentals, an emerging distributed ledger technology and a game-changer in the accounting field. For forward thinkers, things are looking up.

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