COMPANY: 360 Hospitality, LLC

TITLE: Samir Patel, President/CEO Dilesh Patidar, Chief Operating Officer

LOCATION: Cocoa Beach, FL

PHONE: (321) 360-7771

The founders of 360 Hospitality, LLC, Samir Patel and Dilesh Patidar, were raised within the dynamic world of the hospitality industry.  While they both received degrees in business
and finance, their true education came from working within the hotels their families owned and growing right along with the portfolio.

360 Hospitality is a hotel management group that is deeply rooted in the strength and importance of, and dedication to, family ties. Their standard operating procedure is that each guest is treated with the respect, warmth and sincerity that one would expect when visiting home for the holidays. “The hospitality industry is more than just a business – it is a way of life,” says Chief Operating Officer Patidar.

“We are a family business that is striving towards greater ideals,” states 360 Hospitality’s CEO and president, Patel. “Each property we manage has its own identity and culture. We strive to find, encourage and develop each person’s individual strengths, so that the entire family of hotels becomes stronger.”

360 Hospitality offers a full circle of services from staff development, renovation management and quality assurance assessments. They currently have limited and full service hotels within their portfolio, as well as full-scale renovation projects, new construction and new acquisitions. 360 Hospitality is on the fast track to becoming one of the premiere leaders in hotel management and the hospitality industry.