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Staying Proactive with IT Security

Best Practice

How much is a day worth? As we enter into the final quarter of 2018, businesses should be taking the time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s to fully prepare for the upcoming year. This could include anything…

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‘Next-Gen’ Orlando

Development, Talent Pipeline

Creating a Promising Future Orlando was built on innovation. Rightly named the “happiest place on Earth,” we’re also the home of “next-generation thinking.” Since the early days of Martin Marietta (now known as Lockheed Martin), Florida Technological University (now the…

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One on One | Mark Senti of Advanced Magnet Lab

Business, One on One, Profiles

  President of Advanced Magnet Lab The Industrial Revolution was precipitated by a breakthrough technology, the steam engine.  It transformed manufacturing, transportation and therefore changed the world.  The same thing happened with the advent of the internal combustion engine; soon,…