An Engine for Economic Impact

In your car, on a bike, or just walking the dog, each day begins and ends along the winding road from the home and the neighborhood where you start your day. In Viera, this simple image illustrates how we at The Viera Company have maintained the community’s steady growth – by creating starting points for families, retirees and businesses alike, and taking them with us as we make the journey to achieve our vision for the community.

The Viera Company began this journey with the approval of their application for development in 1990. Since that time, the master plan for Viera has guided its development, establishing a community with both physical and aesthetic guidelines and an unmistakable synergy among its current 22,000-plus residents.

The economic impact of Viera is apparent on a daily basis, beginning with the infrastructure being built with the lumber, steel, concrete and sod on trucks you may see passing by on your morning commute. Businesses both large and small contribute to this economic impact, with local ribbon cuttings and openings occurring each month. Housing starts continue to climb; the area has led the local market by 39 percent as families continue to value the promise of a new home. With over 9,000 jobs created to date in Viera, the potential of maintaining a quality standard of life in our community is attainable over a long-term growth plan.


Attention to Detail

Viera’s master-planned community began with 2,800 acres – now referred to as Viera East – on the east side of Interstate 95. Homes were built and, in the height of the real estate market, families camped out to be the first in line to place a deposit on a new home. The attraction of the walk-able trails, golf course, parks and a neighborhood school gave the area a small hometown quality.

This lifestyle concept has continued as Viera grows westward. Eventually, the community will encompass 15,387 acres. Viera will then be seated, in relative size, just below Titusville (17,962 acres), but almost twice the size of Rockledge (8,653 acres). Because of the attention to detail within Viera’s master-plan concept, every acre is considered and valued as part of the whole. Planning engineers and stewardship values work hand in hand to keep future growth with our residents, resources and nature in mind.

Through the recent difficult economic conditions, The Viera Company has funded and completed several infrastructure projects to benefit the residents and businesses in Viera and the surrounding area, which have also created many construction-related jobs. These projects include the Cocoa Waterline ($13.6 million), the Viera Boulevard overpass ($17.7 million) and partial funding of the Pineda Interchange ($6.7 million). Additional community services such as Fire Station #48 and the Park & Ride in Central Viera were completed by 2011 for an additional $2.1 million. The jobs created on all of these projects have helped the community and fueled the local economy. The widening of Wickham Road between Murrell Road and the Viera traffic circle will begin soon, adding to the dollars filtering through the local economy.


A Center for Business

Viera has attracted businesses of all types and sizes. One of the largest employers is Brevard Public Schools, with a facility across from the Brevard County government offices and judicial center. A new state-of-the-art hospital and health park has given rise to a new medical park that serves as home to private medical practices. Even smaller businesses sprinkled throughout the community thrive because they provide valued services and connect with their customers. The enthusiasm and energy coming from across the counters of these businesses is tangible, providing an undercurrent of hopeful success that adds to the ongoing vitality of the area.

Residential real estate sales continue to climb locally. Buyers are demanding and builders are providing quality over quantity once more. Housing designs and neighborhoods are offering options that range from traditional floor plans to those that provide flex space for today’s modern families. Comparing February 2012 to the same period in 2013, building permits in Brevard County have risen 84 percent for single-family homes. The percent has grown each month because of current affordable interest rates and the always sound investment made by purchasing a new home.

The economic vitality that comes from Viera’s growth in every form is exciting and hopeful for everyone who calls Viera and Brevard County their home.

 Stephanie Byrd is marketing manager for The Viera Company, an investor of the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.