Al Forbes

Al Forbes

Titusville, FL – May 10, 2016 – RUSH Construction, Inc. has promoted Al Forbes, Director of RUSH’s Medical/Commercial Group, to the position of Vice President. For the last three years, Forbes’ extensive experience in medical construction has propelled RUSH’s diversification into the medical and commercial markets. RUSH leadership predicts Forbes’ promotion will lead into
even more select markets for the company.

With a construction background spanning over 38 years, Al Forbes joined RUSH Construction as Director of the Medical/Commercial Group in early 2013, as the company began developing a stronger focus on medical and commercial projects. Since that time, Forbes has been responsible for leading all aspects of project management and field operations, including business development and marketing efforts, for healthcare and commercial related projects that RUSH has been involved in. Al will continue to uphold these responsibilities and more in his new position as Vice President.

“The promotion of Al Forbes to Vice President recognizes his hard work and achievements in assisting in our transition into better market diversification, especially as it relates to the medical field,” said William Chivers, President of RUSH Construction. “His new title more appropriately supports his ever-expanding role in the areas of business development, client relations, and the overall business aspects of our company.”

RUSH Construction’s leadership team has set its sights on further expansion into select markets, and predicts that this move will promote company growth and reveal opportunities not before seen.

“I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support of my new role. I would also like to express my appreciation to the leadership of RUSH for their impeccable vision, particularly their choice to diversify into the commercial and medical markets,” said Forbes. “I am very proud to be on the RUSH team and am very excited for the future of the company. I will do my best to maintain and build upon RUSH’s long-standing reputation for integrity, safety, and quality.”

RUSH Construction, Inc. is a general contractor, construction manager, and design/builder that has worked with such notable clients as NASA, the United States Air Force, Parrish Medical Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Ron Norris Inc., Barn Light Electric, Playalinda Brewing Company, Central Florida YMCA, Health First, and the American Police Hall of Fame. With an award-winning safety program and a 32-year litigation-free history, RUSH is also a Certified Green Contractor with three LEED® accredited professionals on staff.