When it comes to bringing a “brand” to the forefront, in the minds of the right audience, no one has a unique marketing approach quite like Page Heyward. As a proud native Floridian, who has experience in niche marketing, business development and strategic planning, Heyward is known for putting a unique twist on her work by drawing inspiration from a number of personal pursuits and experiences.

Her association with Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic included rejuvenating the 75-year-old company by transforming it into a newly refreshed brand. She breathed new life into the traditional, innovative history through the development of a new look and feel including website video biographies. The video biographies exposed the brilliant Jewett physicians to a level that gained international recognition.

Heyward is genuinely her happiest when she is outdoors and has recently transitioned to Thrive Creative Labs, a marketing company for the outdoor industries, as their director of business development and strategic planning.

Thrive Creative Labs 

Alexandra “Page” Heyward, Director of Business Development and Strategic Planning


3000 Dover Dr., Suite 140

Oviedo, FL 32765