“When you use expectations to measure a dream’s success, you tie stones around your soul.  Dreams may call for a leap of faith, but they set the soul soaring.” —  Sarah Ban Breathnach

Do you know those kind of quotes that simply tug on your heart strings? The kind of quotes that sort of awaken something inside of you that has been buried? Your heart begins to beat faster. Your soul floats out and over your body. It’s those kind of quotes where you feel like you were blind, and now, you can see. The kind of words that speak so deeply, that it almost feels as if they were written only for you to receive.

Life. Well, it’s busy. Sometimes, I get so caught up in my ‘to-do lists’ that it’s easy to lose sight, lose inspiration for why I’m doing what I’m doing. Deadlines and meetings consume much of my day. And well sometimes, I just need a disruption – a disruption that allows me to not only what is in front of me today, and yes to my tomorrow.

We need to show up to our dreams everyday. Not just think them, but live them out. The changes that we want to make whether they are in our work lives or our personal lives need and should be fought for. Everyday there are opportunities in front of us to begin to make those changes – whether it is a pursuing creating a new innovation at work or moving toward fulfilling a personal goal.

How many more opportunities will we show up for but make excuses be fully present and alive to fight for? We need to raise our hands, stop making excuses and say, “I want this.”

“Dreaming is at the heart of disruption.  Whether we want to disrupt an industry or our personal status quo, in order to make that terrifying leap from one learning curve to the next, we must dream.  The good news is that the causal mechanism for achieving our dreams is always, always, always showing up:  and as we show up, our future will too.” – Whitney Johnson

 -Allysar Hassan, associate editor