AML Superconductivity and Magnetics and Argonne National Laboratory announced today that one of the world’s most sophisticated superconducting magnet systems passed a landmark reliability test that demonstrates its suitability for wide-scale commercial application. The successful test is the latest in a series of recent AML milestones that promises to accelerate the “mainstreaming” of superconductivity into such high-impact applications as power generation and distribution, advanced medical procedures, electric-powered transportation and wastewater treatment.

AML president Mark Senti stated that while the magnet system that was tested is intended for use in an international science project located in Europe, its fundamental design employs an array of enabling superconducting magnet and manufacturing technologies, and unprecedented field characteristics. This design has now been validated for broader use in such platform products as rotating machines including significantly smaller, lighter and super efficient motors, generators, and all-electric propulsion systems.

“We now have the proven building blocks and comprehensive end-to-end development process to make superconductivity practical and affordable on a broad commercial scale for the first time since it was discovered over 100 years ago,” said Senti, “Now, by offering application development services and defined field-of-use technology license agreements to visionary companies, we can rapidly propagate the application of superconductivity in critical multi-billion-dollar markets while addressing some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.”