Are You Nuts? by Dawn Gluskin Published in SpaceCoast Business MagazineIt Takes a Little Crazy to be an Entrepreneur

When considering the common make-up of a successful entrepreneur, all of the important “textbook” qualities come to mind: vision, passion, leadership, perseverance. There’s no denying any of these traits. But truth be told, the one common denominator that is probably the most important ingredient that nobody really talks about is … having that “little bit of crazy.” Not the “bad” kind of crazy where the nice men in white coats need to get involved. But the “special” kind of crazy that one must possess to want and be willing to fearlessly go down new paths where no one has gone before. While others are saying, “It can’t be done or someone else would have already done it,” the crazy entrepreneur is busy forging their very own path to success while saying, “Just try to stop me!”

To most people, the idea of quitting their comfy day job to go sink their life savings into some big idea that they dreamed up might be borderline insanity. There is some logic to that, for sure. But, entrepreneurs are just wired to see things a little differently. They fully believe in their vision and feel passionate about it. And, being incredibly impassioned by a compelling idea takes a lot of the fear out of failing. How could failure even be an option when one is brimming with so much perseverance? It’s this contagious energy and enthusiasm that even inspires others to board the crazy train with them. But, being the leader of the pack is certainly not for the faint of heart. The gig comes with a lot of risk and responsibility before ever reaping any of the reward.

Being an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster ride of successes and setbacks for sure. Most sane people would jump off the ride and run away as fast as possible after experiencing some of the lows. But that is exactly when the crazy entrepreneur-types buckle up and take the ride to the next level. Entrepreneurs view setbacks as incredible learning and growth opportunities where others might see huge mistakes or failures. If an idea doesn’t pan out exactly as planned, so what? Entrepreneurs are not afraid to pick themselves back up, wipe the dirt off, and try again with new strength, knowledge, and motivation. It is right past the point of breaking that most successful people find their big triumph. The key is keeping the dream alive long enough to make it to that critical point.

Entrepreneurs take risks, possess nerves of steel, are willing to lose some sleep, make big sacrifices, and can often be found peeking at emails on their smart phones during the weekend or while on vacation. They would not have it any other way. It’s actually their idea of a good time. Only a fellow crazy entrepreneur would fully understand this. If you’re an entrepreneur or considering taking the plunge and nobody has called you crazy yet – well, it might be a sign that you are not thinking big enough. Go bigger!!

Dawn Gluskin, an entrepreneur, is the founder & CEO of Rockledge-based SolTec Electronics. She also speaks, blogs, coaches and consults on business and personal growth topics at