Health First Health Plans

Director of Commercial Sales and Account Management

Years in Brevard:
Less than one year

To wife, Josie, with three grown children


Although new to Health First Health Plans (HFHP), with over 28 years of experience in the industry, Becker is no stranger to the business of commercial health insurance. Prior to joining HFHP in August, he served as director of sales and broker relations for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan in Western Pennsylvania.

In his role with HFHP, Becker is responsible for commercial group sales, retention and service to existing clients, and managing relationships with area brokers and insurance agents in developing business opportunities for HFHP.

Having worked with other integrated delivery systems like HFHP, Becker is a strong believer in this model. “From my perspective, an integrated delivery system creates synergies and opportunities for a better overall client and member experience, and HFHP is uniquely qualified to deliver that experience in this market,” says Becker. “I believe the HFHP’s outstanding performance in terms of group and member retention speaks to the fact that our members are delighted with their experience and positions us well for future growth.”

A former middle-school teacher and track coach, Becker believes many of the ingredients for success in the classroom and athletic field are just as applicable to his current role, especially as HFHP looks to expand into new markets. “Setting goals, committing to do the hard work that is necessary, and staying focused on the target are what leads to success, and I really enjoy being a part of that.”