Angela Alban | SIMETRI, Inc.
ADDRESS: 7005 University Boulevard
LOCATION: Winter Park, Florida
Phone Number: (321) 972-9980

SIMETRI, Inc. is a woman-owned small business delivering innovative training technology to improve human performance. Founded in 2009 and located in Winter Park, SIMETRI has a diverse, experienced team that includes engineers from multiple disciplines, researchers, subject matter experts and project managers. Whether in the laboratory developing new technology, working with a customer on design, conducting training or evaluating products, the company follows disciplined processes to design, produce, test, and deliver innovative technologies that are transforming the training being conducted.  

The SIMETRI team focuses on integrity, quality, commitment and collaboration when working with customers to satisfy their needs and identify new opportunities for growth in a dynamic market. The company is agile in response to the needs of the market while actively pursuing opportunities to amplify its portfolio and commercialize its intellectual property.  

The company is grateful to the Athena program for helping it better define and assess its position such that it can capitalize on the opportunities best suited for its capabilities. SIMETRI’s participation in the Athena program resulted in the company more precisely defining its core business while developing the discipline to focus on its capabilities. More specifically, the program helped SIMETRI identify the business sectors where its existing resources intersect with the greatest profitability. Athena panel members provided insight that will outlast the company’s participation in the program and contribute to significant future growth and profitability. The company plans to continue to support Athena as the organization continues to grow more women-owned businesses in Central Florida.◆

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