1411.Baer Air-3071

EXECUTIVE: Joseph P. Stein, President


LOCATION: Melbourne

WEBSITE: FlyBaerAir.com


Since owning a Seneca I aircraft, Baer Air, Inc. founder Bill Baer always had a vision of owning an airline charter company. The vision became reality in 2003, when the company started up at the Merritt Island Airport (COI). Baer Air grew to requiring a greater runway length and transitioned its operation to Melbourne International Airport in 2007, eventually building its own hangar. Now at the start of its 12th year in business, and under new ownership, Baer Air still offers the Seneca I that made it all possible, as well as a fleet of light jets and turboprops.

Baer Air prides itself on providing unparalleled customer service to its entire range of customers, from charter passengers to managed aircraft owners and flight crews. As a fixed-base operator (FBO), Baer Air is able to service all transient and locally-based customers with fuel, hangar space, maintenance and aircraft detailing, and currently operates flights throughout North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

“Loyal customers, great owners and a team of extremely dedicated and hardworking employees make the difference. People tell us that our total commitment to customer service is what brings them back,” said Baer Air President Joseph P. Stein. “We remain fully committed to Melbourne International Airport and the surrounding community, and look forward to expanding our very convenient and customer-friendly air charter services.”